Jane and Jim Durrant, early empty nesters envious of their daughters travels and inspired by friends Steve and Lynda (https://lsontourblog.wordpress.com), decided to quit their jobs, rent out their home in Auckland and tour Canada and the USA for a year.  A mix of RVing, house sitting and a whole lot of fun, 18 months later returned home with a serious case of wanderlust. So phase 2 is an Australian road trip – stay tuned!

So this blog is mainly  a travel diary so we can remember where we’ve been !

After 26 weeks travelling in Canada, here are our average living costs per week in CAD$, Not including set up costs and insurance.

The US costs are an average after 26 weeks of travel.  We are really embracing the “less-is-more” lifestyle


CAD$ pw US$ pw AU$ pw
Supermarket Food & household items, also incl eating out, 231 177 179
Gas / diesel 193 117 119
Entry fees, Sightseeing 52 41 41
Alcohol 63 39 46
Clothes and Accessories 62 52 46
Camp Fees, dumping, Laundry 33 38 47
RV Maintenance 45 22 62
Buses, trains, ferries, taxis, parking, tolls 28 19 22
Phone / data 18 10 6
Propane / LPG 7 5 8
Total average per week. 732 552 576

Total CAD$19,024 over 26 weeks.

Total US$14,363 over 26 weeks (incl 3 day Bahamas cruise).








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  1. Paul and Marie

    So impressed you two. Inspirational.

    Looking forward to crossing paths soon.

    Happy travels,

    Paul and Marie


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