St Andrews

Stopped at New River PP.  Campground was closed, but we had a walk through, very nice and nice sandy beach.

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Bugger !

Climbing a Surf Lifeguard chair I dropped the camera in the sand.  Some grains got into the lens mechanism and its stuffed. We are 3 days away from a town that might have a decent camera shop, so we are left with a Samsung tablet for photos.  No zoom and no tripod mount.
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RIP Hendrietta

As non resisdent insurance is so expensive for motorbikes we decided we would sell the scooter.  The best place to do that was Vancouver, but that’s quite a big round trip.  Then we found a Park and Sell yard in West Kelowna.  The guy was very helpful, so we unloaded the scooter.  Somehow the gas tank had emptied into the crankcase, a pretty major issue. So the scooter is a write off.  They guy took it off us and said he would see what he could do, but most likely its landfill. Bugger.

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Whistler – Lillooet

Visited Pemberton, a cute little village with a good fresh food supermarket.  Temperature now up to 30.  Thought we might stop off at Strawberry Rec site on the way up, but after a bone rattling 6 km on corrugated gravel roads found it doesn’t even have RV parks, so another 6km back to the highway. Continue reading

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Horseshoe Bay – Brittania Beach

Off the ferry and straight on to highway 99 north.  Some nice glimpses of the Rockies as we rushed north.  Stopped at Britannia Beach to see the copper mine musuem. Nice display and tour through a tunnel.  It was late in the day so we asked to overnight in their carpark – another free night! Continue reading

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Lois Lake

We decided Lois Lake looked like a good place to sleep over –  a free Forestry Rec site.  The road is a bit of a mare – single lane, I’d hate to meet traffic on it.  We were lucky, coming in on Sunday afternoon.   We left early (08:00am!) in the morning and didn’t meet any inward traffic.  Lovely lake, plenty of flat sites in the trees to choose from, but we just used the main carpark as it was sunny. Continue reading

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Powell River revisited

Then back to Powell River for a restock.  Found a free dump station and a great trail right on the waterfront – Willington Beach Trail.  It was full of historic artifacts, every interesting.  There are quite a few trails in Powell River, so worth a good stopover Continue reading

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Comox – Kitty Coleman Gardens

Heading down to Comox to catch the Ferry to Powell River we stopped off at Kitty Coleman Gardens.  They have done a great job with bush trails and Rhodo’s, but getting a bit late in the season (or early spring this year).  Just missed an Art expo by 1 day.  Met Bryan the owner and asked if we could overnight in his carpark !

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Campbell River – Elk Falls

Elk Falls is on the way back to Campbell River from Strathcona.
The local Rotary Club have done an amazing job installing a suspension bridge and access trails.  Easy RVparking and walk to the falls. Continue reading

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Been off the grid for 5 days, no roads on the GPS, no network coverage.

WIFI later today !




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