New Blog Site

After 3 years of adventure this free website is full, so it’s time to start with a fresh new look.
This old site will remain online, but there will be no further posts.
If you would like to continue following our journeys please click on the Follow button on the NEW site to get email notification of new posts.
Our 2019 travels will include 6 weeks NZ South Island, a taster trip of Great Britain, 8 weeks in Europe and a return to Australia. We hope you will join us.
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Tasmania here we come!

At last our sailing day on the Spirit of Tasmania is here!    We had booked a day sailing as we had plenty of time and save the cost of a cabin.

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Happy Dog Sitters

12 months ago we started our first house sit in Nova Scotia with these 2 beautiful dogs… Continue reading

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Auckland, NZ

A final post to let you know we arrived home safely.

We were feeling brave when we booked the flight home and picked up a transfer flight via LAX rather than a direct flight.  We had been warned by several people about nightmares at LAX, so we had to see if it was true. Continue reading

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Sony HX80 Travel Camera issue

In March we noticed smudges and spots appearing on pictures with our camera, especially when zooming.  It’s a Sony HX80 travel cam.  Apparently this is a design fault with the seals on the zoom lense allowing dust and pollen in.  It’s not mentioned on any review sites, as they test new cameras in a lab, not after 6 months on your pocket, but other users have complained about it on forums.

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Lake Quinault, Washington

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, 25th April is our 30th wedding anniversary!
A year of travel in a tin can hasn’t broken the love !  It’s just an unfortunate coincidence that our first stop in Washington State is Cape Disappointment!

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Happy New Year !

WOW!, 2016, what a fun year for us.  We often get asked what has been the best highlight of our trip.  It’s way too hard to answer, there are so many unique places, each with their own highlights.  So here is a review of 2016 in A~Z of some of our most loved moments…
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Winterizing Tip

To all our RV friends still in Canada… Continue reading

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South Carolina (1)

Enjoying the US roads, much better condition than Canada. There is no winter damage here.  Gas price now $1.89  gallon,  US 50 cents a litre. But we are missing the rest areas on the road side, there are very few scenic pullover or picnic areas.
Myrtle Beach North was great, away from the central mecca of Myrtle Beach. Continue reading
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Goodbye Canada !

Wow, what an amazing 6 months, 19,000km. Great sights and fantastic people.
We have been overwhelmed with Canadian hospitality, and a special thank you to those who shared some time with us to make some lasting memories.

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