That’s All Folks!

That’s the end of our Aussie adventure, and what a great trip it was.  And special thanks to all the wonderful new friends we made along the way that made our travels so much fun.
Don’t ask where we liked best, it’s hard to pick the top highlights, each state had something special.
So it’s farewell Australia, AKA the Land of Poo!  (These are only a few of the signs we passed)
So much poo they have a Pooseum…

Richmond Tasmania

But wait, there’s more…  Our tenants want to extend, so stay tuned for 2019 travel adventures…
6 weeks NZ South Island
A short UK excursion
8 weeks in Europe
5 months in Australia (more of a central trip rather than coastal)
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4 thoughts on “That’s All Folks!

  1. Louise Pike

    Thanks for sharing with us xx
    Keep on traveling till the fat lady sings 😁 hopefully that will be us one day soon.


  2. Marie Zammit

    How good is that! Might see you in Europe…..?


  3. We are shipping our campervan to the UK in May. Plans call for a few months there before crossing over to the Continent. Perhaps our paths will cross!


  4. Paul Warner

    Looks like you had a great holiday. Thanx for the updates. Hope the rest of your trips goes well.


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