Strahan, TAS

The small far west town of Strahan sits in the Macquarie Harbour, nestled between rain forests and the wild southern ocean.  The waterfront has an attractive full street front of restored pioneer buidings and the town is home to some great attractions.


We had purchased discount tickets for the Gordon River Cruise when we came over on the Spirit.  There are two companies competing for business.  We went with the grey boat (instead of the Red Boat), no real difference between them, they both have good boats, lunch and service. We thought this cruise was excellent value – we paid $114 each, 6 hours on the boat, 2 guided tours and a tasty buffet lunch with local salmon. You can pay more for window seats, and even more for business class with leather seats and full bar.  The windows had some salt spray and there were lots of external viewing areas when approaching something of interest so its not worth the extra $$$.  We were lucky with the weather.  Smoke the day before, a cloudly start for us but the afternoon came fine, and rain the next day.  Ask for a free parking voucher when checking in.
First they took us to the harbour entrance named Hells Gate by the prisoners on their way to the hell that was Sarah Island.


Then a cruise up the harbour…


and then Gordon River with the history of Huon Pine milling.  Huon pine was an excellent timber for ship building because of the oils in the wood, but it only grows 1mm per year, so its not a renewable resource.  There is a short guided nature trail pointing out the different tree species.


Then back on the boat for the buffet lunch – loved the salmon!…
…while we cruise back up the river to visit Sarah Island.
This island was a prison island established before Port Arthur for criminals that reoffended while at other prisons.  The conditions here were brutal under the first commondant, but improved in later years when a ship builder took charge.


Then back to Strahan where we had time to take the short walk to Hogarth Falls.


At the visitor information there is the famous “The Ship That Never Was” play that performs every night.  Its really a pantomime with a lot of audience participation, but good for some laughs.  The play is about the true story of 10 prisioners on Sarah Island building the last ship before the prison closed. They sailed off in the ship to Chile.
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6 thoughts on “Strahan, TAS

  1. Louise

    Cool pics is it hot where you are. Aussie heat wave hitting no this week. Yay said no one ever lol


  2. Nah, Tassie is cooler, but problems with forest fires. We are having such a great time here wl will have to come back.


  3. Marie Zammit

    Another good read.


  4. Marie Zammit

    Another good read. You were kucky with the weather.


  5. Nicki Vance

    Been thinking of you with the fires but sounds like you’re out of the way of them (except for some smoke!)


  6. Nothing like a House On Wheels to avoid events like these.


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