Tasmania here we come!

At last our sailing day on the Spirit of Tasmania is here!    We had booked a day sailing as we had plenty of time and save the cost of a cabin.

Strangely the port process is security first (fridge inspected for fruit and veg and gas bottles turned off), then a queue, then finally they check tickets and boarding.  So a tip here is boil your kettle before entering the port so at least you can make a coffee while you wait.  We had also frozen several 1.5 litre bottles of water that we moved from the freezer to the fridge to help keep it cool for the 10 hour trip and they worked a treat.
We had booked recliner seats, thinking they would be a great place for a doze.  The recliner area is at the rear of deck 8.  The noise and vibration of the engines is bad here.  Think of a 737 under take off power, engines thundering, overhead lockers rattling, and the plane shuddering.  Then continue for 10 hours.  It even overwhelmed our noise cancelling headphones.  The seats were comfy, but felt like massage chairs with the vibration.  Not worth the $55 and dont even think to use them on an overnight voyage.  It would be OK if they were at the pointy end of the ship. The USB charging ports in the seats aren’t connected and very few power points, so make sure your devices are fully charged.  The quietest place was the lounge on deck 7 midships where there was plenty of seating.

Early start this morning, just a power nap!

There is a good tourist information desk on board.  We were able to buy a $60 National Parks holiday pass and pick up lots of brochures.  We also pre purchased discount tickets for a river cruise.
The bars were very reasonably priced and the pizzas made a tasty snack.
We had excellent sea conditions for the crossing, hardly any swell at all.
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2 thoughts on “Tasmania here we come!

  1. Marie Zammit

    Lucky you! Great sailing conditions.

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  2. Valerie Guy

    Love the be hairstyle Jane!

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