Auckland, NZ

A final post to let you know we arrived home safely.

We were feeling brave when we booked the flight home and picked up a transfer flight via LAX rather than a direct flight.  We had been warned by several people about nightmares at LAX, so we had to see if it was true.

Perhaps unique to Canada, but we completed US immigration at Vancouver Airport.  That meant we didn’t have to clear customs in the US (but as a transit passenger we didn’t think we would see customs anyway).  When we left the aircraft at LAX we looked for transit passenger signs, but that doesn’t exist as you are already cleared for entry into the US.  You just exit the airport and catch the shuttle bus to the next terminal.  The only issue with LAX was there were no clear signs telling how to get to the shuttle stop, we had to ask twice for directions.   Other than that it was painless.



Arrived early Friday morning with a nice sunrise.

Just have to get used to driving on the left again…


I could have sworn the car had a steering wheel when we parked it !

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4 thoughts on “Auckland, NZ

  1. Paul Warner

    Hi Jim,

    Glad you’re all back safe and sound . Where are you off to next. ??


  2. Farewell. We will miss your posts! Good to know you got home OK. Now back to reality, right?


  3. Daniel Gallant

    It was fun following your trip and glad you made it home safe and sound. Hope we can meet up in the near future. NZ is still in the bucket list. D&D and Charlie.


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