Sony HX80 Travel Camera issue

In March we noticed smudges and spots appearing on pictures with our camera, especially when zooming.  It’s a Sony HX80 travel cam.  Apparently this is a design fault with the seals on the zoom lense allowing dust and pollen in.  It’s not mentioned on any review sites, as they test new cameras in a lab, not after 6 months on your pocket, but other users have complained about it on forums.

We had purchased it in Canada, so Sony said we had to send it for repair in Canada, so we had to wait until we crossed the border. We sent it away and waited…  despite them sending it back via the wrong address we got it back the day we left! A bit stressful, there were quite a few phone calls between Sony and Purolator couriers !
We will have to keep it in a lint free camera bag rather than a pocket now, not quite as convenient when going on a hike. We chose it because we had had a good run with our last Sony travel cam (until we dropped it in the sand).
So don’t buy a Sony Travel Camera, they don’t make’em like they used to !
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