South Carolina (1)

Enjoying the US roads, much better condition than Canada. There is no winter damage here.  Gas price now $1.89  gallon,  US 50 cents a litre. But we are missing the rest areas on the road side, there are very few scenic pullover or picnic areas.
Myrtle Beach North was great, away from the central mecca of Myrtle Beach.


Next morning we drove past the mass of adventure playgrounds, mini golf and seafood buffet restaurants to do the boardwalk.

Visited the local State parks, Mrytle Beach and Huntington.


Then on to Georgetown, an historic waterfront town, 3rd oldest town in SC.  You just need to ignore the industrial backdrop across the river.  The maritime museum was worth a stop, where I learned  how the term knot was invented to measure boat speed.  Also a great Italian Deli shop on the main street is worth a visit.  The movie theatre was showing Hunt for The Wilderpeople ! (for Canadian followers it’s a NZ comedy movie, really funny). Lots of 1700-1800 homes in the back streets.

Best Walmart layover yet.  Walmarts are good when you dont have time to hunt out a free park for the night, but they can be noisy.  Often next to busy highways,  truckers use them and they often leave their engines running all night, or perhaps another RVer runs his generator.  This Walmart had a side area from an old garden centre with lots of shipping containers.  We were able to park inbetween to make a sound shield for a quiet nights sleep. Had wifi coverage too !



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2 thoughts on “South Carolina (1)

  1. Sue Mills

    I have to say that it would be hard to do this sort of thing in NZ without wondering if you were going to have ‘ visitors’ during the night. I am presuming you are feeling quite safe doing this.


    • The only door knock we fear is the sherrif saying we cant park here. Floirida will be hard as the bylaws there are strict, even in Walmarts. We don’t park in the ghettos!


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