Goodbye Canada !

Wow, what an amazing 6 months, 19,000km. Great sights and fantastic people.
We have been overwhelmed with Canadian hospitality, and a special thank you to those who shared some time with us to make some lasting memories.

There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.  Loving Canada!
Goodbye Tim Hortons WIFI, hello Dunkin Donuts WIFI!


But it’s not all perfect, the stuff we won’t miss…

  • Sales Tax not included in the price – come on, I need to know the true price!
  • 4 Way stop signs – there are sooo many!
  • No road markings for stop signs – must be a snow thing
  • Cost of mobile data – I will never complain about NZ plans again.
  • Price of beer and wine – missing our cheap NZ wine
  • They sell gas by the litre, drive Km’s, weather is in Centigrade, but produce and drinks are in pounds and ounces and any other measurement in feet and inches.  Make the leap and go fully metric!
  • Gas pumps dont have a trigger lock, you have to hold it forever.  Its a big deal when you have a 200L tank to fill. (I made a timber filler to insert in the handle!)
  • Sales Tax not included in the price – come on, I need to know the true price.  So annoying it’s worth listing twice. But the US will be the same, ugh.
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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Canada !

  1. And in the US the sales tax is not the same in every state!


  2. Diane Gallant

    And these Acadians will miss their Kiwi friends! 🚐🍷⚓️

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